Siety de Jager

A dab hand at creating common ground

Background and experience

Managing director with 25 years’ experience of executive management in large organisations. Has firm roots in all areas of the health-care sector. Also operates as chair of the supervisory board and industry ambassador.

Leadership vision and management style

Quick to understand and identify what an organisation needs in order to rejuvenate. Is able to get this information across to stakeholders and to create consensus. Skilful at mobilising support for change and ensuring that the motivation persists to attain jointly agreed goals.

Specialisations and track-record

Has experience with complex strategy and vision development processes and their implementation, as well as with mergers, competition authority procedures and organisational changes as part of necessary transitions. Experience with profit and not-for-profit organisations. In terms of know-how and experience, brings effective cross-fertilisation.

Siety de Jager

‘Is there anything better than opening up new horizons for motivated people and ensuring that they can achieve their passion in a rejuvenated organisation?’

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